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I-JŌKŌ [EE-JOH-KOH] finds its inspiration from West African creative craft culture and vernacular expression. It is an investigative lens that seeks knowledge from the past and reinterprets it to provoke new forms of representation and engagement.

AWỌN IBẸRẸ [AH-WON EE-BER-AY]~(yoruba language)


At just thirteen Richard Adetokunbo Aina began honing his wood and metalwork skills, handcrafting his inaugural bespoke hardwood chair. Recognized with the 2008 Gladstone Design Prize by his school, whilst also securing the prize in 2009 and 2011 for two more exquisite bespoke chairs.

OLUDASILE [OH-LOO-DAH-SEE-LEH]~(yoruba language)


Richard is a designer, craftsman, researcher, writer, and lecturer with an education in architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Architectural Association in London. These facets, blended with his Nigerian heritage, shape the essence of I-JŌKŌ - guiding the meticulous approach applied to each of its unique engagements.

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